While editing a question, I noticed that the tags and both exist and that they refer to the same package.

has this excerpt:

GetX is a state management, dependency injection, and route management solution for Flutter. Only related posts should be here.

and has no excerpt or tag Wiki at all.

If I'm searching correctly:

  • has 223 Questions, has 240
  • There are 109 Questions using both tags
  • Of ' questions, 234 (!) are also tagged with ; the other 6 are all about Flutter but just not tagged that way.

Based on this data, it seems clear to me that all of these questions are about the same package and I'm proposing they be merged into one, whether it be or .

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I went through the set of questions and made sure that they're all related to flutter-getx, so it was quite clear that both the tags were being used for the same thing. I added as a synonym of , as the tag name was more clear:

(× 240) → (× 224)

I'll merge the tags in a couple of days, just in case there are any issues and we have roll back the synonym.

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