I have spotted two separate tags related to Azure HDInsight service:


Both the tags should be merged into one as .

We are looking to align Stack Overflow tags to match with Azure Services and Microsoft Q&A platform.

Azure HDInsight has tag in Microsoft Q&A.


Update: I'm able to merge by using Tag synonyms.

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This is quite sensible, and I'm happy to perform the merge. While we don't necessarily share your specific goals of making Stack Overflow match Microsoft Q&A, there is an established pattern of using the [azure-*] naming convention in tags related to technologies under the Azure umbrella.

However, I reviewed the questions tagged , and of those, there were several that I couldn't discern whether or not they were about Azure HDInsight:

…and that's just the first page of results.

It looks like there may be some other sort of Hadoop or Hive technology that is called HDInsight. Is that the same as Azure HDInsight? Did Microsoft buy this up and/or incorporate it into Azure?

Even if they did, is there a need to retain separate tagging/versioning for the old, pre-Microsoft stuff?

I need someone with subject-matter expertise to provide some clarity here before I can do the merge/rename.

  • FYI, I'm working on Azure HDInsight from past five years. The questions listed above are related to Azure HDInsight. Both the tags has the questions related to Azure HDInsight. I would suggest you to merge both the tags with the name called "azure-hdinsight". Jul 24, 2020 at 3:59
  • Both the tags are merged by using tag synonyms option available on SO. Aug 27, 2020 at 3:23

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