The tags and is both used for Azure Kubernetes Service - (AKS).

Could we synonymize with ? It already has 3 synonyme votes - but not many users are active on tag synonyms or have enough reputation. This naming is relatively consistent with that is used for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service. But if naming is a problem that could be changed, I think the main confusion is that there are two different tags for the same service.

  • I'm happy to rename [amazon-eks] with an expanded name, too, if you think that would be preferable. – Cody Gray Jan 13 at 23:05
  • When looking at tags beginning with azure most of them write the full name. I wonder if the tag should be azure-kubernetes-service similar to [[azure-web-apps-service]](stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/azure-web-app-service) ? The corresponding service on Google has the tag [[google-kubernetes-engine]](stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/google-kubernetes-engine). While I think amazon-eks is good because it is consistent with other AWS-tags like [[amazon-ecs]](stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/amazon-ecs). – Jonas Jan 14 at 21:55
  • Yeah, we prefer the full name when possible. In the early days, there were significant character length limitations on tag names, so it wasn't always possible. Nowadays, the limit has been extended, so it's usually possible to have the full product name in there, unless the name is truly something unwieldy, in which case, it wouldn't make sense anyway. Putting consistency with existing tags aside (since this can be changed), can you update the question or post an answer with the tags that you would propose to rename? – Cody Gray 2 days ago

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