At the time of writing this I am below 3k rep, so I can’t vote to close but I flag to close.

I have noticed this issue quite a lot:

  • I review a post in the First Posts queue/Triage queue and flag for closure
  • The flag stays being marked as pending
  • The flag ages away without a Close Vote review and the poor quality question remains on the site

On average, 50% of my closure flags age away.


In these cases, a user clicking Unsalvageable in the Triage queue (by flagging to close instead of voting to close) or flagging to close in the First Posts queue is having the same outcome as Looks OK and No Action Needed - the question stays open.

What can be done to the CV queue to stop affecting the quality of existing reviews in Triage and the First Posts review queue?

Note: Lately, to start expediting CV requests, I have started posting them in SO Close Vote Reviewers, which helps a lot but is not a permanent solution.

  • It is increasingly more difficult for enthusiastic newbies on SO to get rep. Some tend to want it at all cost without wanting to earn it. I agree that rep to close votes should be improved
    – linkonabe
    Jul 21, 2020 at 12:01
  • @linkonabe I think the best way to earn reputation is to become better at what one does. Then one can answer more Questions. Of course even experts can write bad answers, so that is also a skill one needs to develop.
    – Scratte
    Jul 21, 2020 at 12:09

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I don't know how to improve close voting, but one suggestion to help clean up posts like that, at least after the fact:

When you see a bad post, downvote it. Don't just flag/vote to close.

Especially if the question doesn't have any votes yet. None of these questions have answers (or any upvotes), so every one of them would be cleaned up by the Roomba if they had at least one downvote (as of posting, they are at -1, 0, and -3, respectively).

The negative score also serves as a signpost that it is a bad question, and that people should think twice about answering it.

Even as someone who can cast close votes and does a bunch of close vote review, a large number of questions I vote to close don't get three close votes, and they don't need them, because they were never answered and so will be deleted after ~30 days.

Voting, and downvoting in particular, is an essential part of quality control, and it's one anyone with at least 125 reputation can participate in fully.


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