A user posted an answer to this question about 20 minutes ago. The user joined Stack Overflow today (Got the informed badge an hour ago so probably created the account then) and has no questions or answers.

I know that 1-rep users can post a question regarding a question they have asked, however, I was under the impression that all other meta participation requires 5 reputation.

I don't think that the user managed to have an upvoted post that got them over 5 rep before posting because at 4 minutes when I first saw the answer, I checked the account since the low reputation got my attention. It didn't have any posts on Stack Overflow main at that moment, although I guess there is the possibility that the user posted something, upvoted it from a sock puppet to get 5 rep, then deleted it immediately in order to post the meta answer from a throwaway account. However, that seems like a lot of work if they have an account capable of upvoting another already.

Is there some other rule that allows 1-rep users to post answers on Meta Stack Overflow under some condition?

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    A. Perhaps they had earn that rep from a now deleted post? B. Users who are active on teams can post on MSO, but since they joined today, this is kinda hard. Commented Jun 17, 2019 at 17:08


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