This is a request to rename the [rmarkdown] tag to [r-markdown] for the following reasons:


The Help Center suggests:

Replace spaces with hyphens (-) to combine multiple words into a single word (e.g., tag "unit testing" as unit-testing)

And the tag wiki clearly includes a space in the description:

R Flavored Markdown or "R Markdown" is a markdown variant used for content-creation and/or programming documentation interleaved with R code.


As pointed out in the comments to this question, due to lack of sufficient kerning, the "r" blends in with the "m" and the tag is easily mistaken for [markdown].

Including the hyphen would resolve both issues.

Finally, should [rmarkdown] be made a synonym of [r-markdown], or will the system prevent that tag from being recreated as the only difference is the hyphen?

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Yeesh! You're right, that tag name was nigh-unreadable.

BAD KERNING & Signage Awards
(Image courtesy of "The World's Greatest Book", by Dave Bricker.)


Tag has been renamed, so (caching notwithstanding) all questions previously tagged are now tagged .

I also created a synonym mapping from to , just in case. The hyphen would not have been automatically ignored by the system.

The previous discussion regarding whether or + should be preferred still remains unresolved, from my perspective (and I don't have a strong opinion either way), but renaming the extant tag to something more readable in the meantime does not complicate any future retagging efforts.

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