The keyboard shortcuts that Stack Overflow seems to be Windows native (I'm not sure, as I haven't used Windows for 10 years). GitHub provides shortcuts for editing that reflect the native platform conventions, e.g. Command+K creates a link. They also bind to Command instead of Control on Mac.

It would be great if Stack Overflow keyboard shortcuts followed platform conventions.

  • The hovertext also says "Ctrl+[key]" instead of "Cmd+[key]" even though both work unless the shortcut is also an OSX shortcut (for example both Ctrl+K and Cmd+K start a code block but Cmd+L doesn't insert a link, it jumps to the address bar). – Peter G Mar 21 '17 at 21:22
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    @PeterG That's gonna be fun if someone tries out Cmd-K to see if it's Cmd on Mac instead of Ctrl, and then goes ahead to use Cmd-Q... – Siguza Mar 21 '17 at 22:31
  • Cmd+K needs to work on chat.stackoverflow aswell. – ShrekOverflow Jul 19 '17 at 5:50
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    @Siguza yes, that was indeed funny... And actually the first I tested after cmd-k lol – Kristianmitk Apr 24 '18 at 21:22
  • command+k is already used for the focused search in vivaldi on macs. – Joe W Jun 5 '19 at 19:54

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