I found:

CTRL+Q - > text - Simple blockquote
CTRL+R - ---------- - Horizontal rule
CTRL+K - Code in backticks


CTRL+U - - text - Bulleted list
CTRL+O - 1. text - Numbered list

CTRL+I - *text* - Italic text
CTRL+B - **text** - Bold text

CTRL+H - Header 2

Header 2

CTRL+H+CTRL+H - Header 1

Header 1

CTRL+G - Add image dialog
CTRL+L - Insert hyperlink

Can I find any others? Especially I'm looking for this hotkey:

CTRL+??? - <kbd>text</kbd>



There is a stackapps extension to have Alt+K do <kbd> marking:

enter image description here

  • [kbd] shortcut is no longer in available – Chief A Jan 3 at 5:49

When hovering over the buttons in the editor, the tooltip will also contain the keyboard shortcut:

ctrl + k tooltip for code formatting

There is no shortcut for <kbd>, as it is not generally useful (and too easy to abuse). It is a rather rare thing to need.

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