I found:

CTRL+Q - > text - Simple blockquote
CTRL+R - ---------- - Horizontal rule
CTRL+K - Code in backticks


CTRL+U - - text - Bulleted list
CTRL+O - 1. text - Numbered list

CTRL+I - *text* - Italic text
CTRL+B - **text** - Bold text

CTRL+H - Header 2

Header 2

CTRL+H+CTRL+H - Header 1

Header 1

CTRL+G - Add image dialog
CTRL+L - Insert hyperlink

Can I find any others? Especially I'm looking for this hotkey:

CTRL+??? - <kbd>text</kbd>


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    There is a useful official help page here.
    – Cloud
    Jan 23, 2020 at 14:31

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There is a stackapps extension to have Alt+K do <kbd> marking:

enter image description here

  • [kbd] shortcut is no longer in available
    – Chief A
    Jan 3, 2019 at 5:49

When hovering over the buttons in the editor, the tooltip will also contain the keyboard shortcut:

ctrl + k tooltip for code formatting

There is no shortcut for <kbd>, as it is not generally useful (and too easy to abuse). It is a rather rare thing to need.


The shortcut for <kbd> tag is not directly available yet. But as Anthon suggested, you can download and install the stackapps extension to enable this shortcut.

You can hover over the buttons in the editor to discover their respective keyboard shortcuts. However, there are also other shortcuts outside the editor. Please check them out if you want:

Basic shortcuts:

A Answer the current question (doesn't work on other pages apart from questions)
C Comment on the current post
I Open the Inbox tab
L Generate Link of the current question
R Open the Achievement tab
S Go to the Search bar

U Jump to the question
K, J Scroll through the answers, up and down respectively.

Other shortcuts:

Pressing G (probably short for general or goto) being anywhere at the site opens a dialog box like thing:

enter image description here

Pressing M (short for moderation) brings the following box:

enter image description here

The rest are described in respective boxes.

You can order answers by pressing O:

enter image description here

Press V to vote:

enter image description here

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