With keyboard shortcuts enabled under my profile, pressing SHIFT + / (?) shows a help pop-up:

help pop-up

I'm wondering what exactly "auto help" (at the bottom) is, along with the "*auto-selects if nothing is selected" hint.

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    I'm such a heavy user of the keyboard shortcuts that I had forgotten half of what I just described in my answer below. Thanks for the opportunity to refresh my memory! This feature is fantastically well developed (it was originally an add-on, developed by Balpha, and I've been using this for about 8 years now), it just becomes second nature and is almost invisible, as all good keyboard-driven interfaces should be.
    – Martijn Pieters Mod
    Jan 23, 2020 at 15:52

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Several keyboard shortcuts comprise of a combination of keys, like voting (V, then U to vote up, or V, then D to vote down). If auto help is enabled, then when you hit the first key of such a combo, you are shown just-in-time help to tell you what options you have available from that point. This applies to any of the options with a ... after them.

Auto-selection refers to picking either the question section, or any of the answers on the page; you'll note that it's actions that apply to a specific post, such as voting, that are marked there. When I press V, the nearest post I can vote on is 'selected' (its background gains a gradient on the left-hand side).

E.g. after pressing V, I see (hand-circled in red for obvious reasons):

Screenshot of small box with *vote...* keyboard shortcut options, <code>U</code> and <code>D</code> for up and down, respectively. A hand-drawn red circle inexpertly draws attention to it

Note the gradient next to the box, that's indicating that my vote would apply to the question on this page. The auto-selects sentence is also no longer shown in the help box the moment the question or an answer is selected.

If I press G instead, I am shown the larger go to... menu instead:

larger *go to...* context help box with 11 site navigation options, again with red hand-draw circle

In this case your question is still selected, but if I were to reload the page the gradient would not appear automatically, because G doesn't auto-select. However, in that case, the post-specific options like post owner's profile and post revisions are not available. You can manually select posts with the U, J and K keys.

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