If you add a tag to a word in a sentence, the padding on the class causes the line-height to differ from the rest of a paragraph. Perhaps the padding could be the same as an inline code block?

These are the current values:

.post-tag {padding: .4em .5em;}
.code { padding: 1px 5px; }


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    I'm noticing now in meta that the background-color is the same so inline tags would be indistinguishable from inline code if the padding were the same. On Stack Overflow, and I assume most other sites, this would not be an issue.
    – user736893
    Commented Aug 31, 2016 at 20:57

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This spacing problem is basically the same as Putting emoticons in paragraphs without affecting `line-height`

Tags without padding don't look right. Instead, I recommend negative margins, e.g.

.post-tag {
  margin: -1em 0;

enter image description here

The tags in consecutive lines may overlap, but doesn't look wrong to me:

enter image description here

  • I think this and the 'tag icon' solution would be ideal.
    – user736893
    Commented Jun 8, 2017 at 15:18

Some sponsored tags have an icon, which I like. What about a generic icon?

enter image description here

(Thanks to http://fontawesome.io/)


I hacked the CSS to see what the change might look like on Stack Overflow:


This is with padding of .15em. Note that tag logos don't show up in embedded tags by default.

That doesn't look very tag-like, so I also checked what it might look like with [brackets]:

spacing with brackets

On a side note, I think that most tag syntax is used on Meta, where the color of tags is confusingly similar to that of code:


I'm not convinced that this change is worthwhile, since I think this will introduce too much inconsistency, or produce something confusingly similar.

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