I am having a hard time with the amount of crap examples I have run into on docs. The majority of it is low rep folks who seem to be gaming the system. I propose and I know this might cause some people to back off of contributing is to actually remove rep all together on docs. The backing off may actually be the best thing ever to happen to docs currently.

Yes this means less people will contribute to docs, but at the same time this is what we need right now. The point of documentation, even outside of SO, is that it should be clear, concise, and very much correct. The examples need to relate to the topic at hand and there actually should be less content but much better content.

Right now, its a free for all and people are taking advantage of that. It's a burden on myself and anyone else who is looking at and reviewing all of this stuff. The folks who want to document and do it correctly do not care about rep, they care that people use an api correctly, they take special care that examples are much clearer than what they currently are.

Please consider removing rep on docs once and for all.



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