What would a SQL query be (for Data Explorer), that reveals questions that are deserving of answers (i.e quality answers that would yield bounty-rewards) ? I did trawl through the "Unanswered questions" page, but many of these are theoretical-type questions from 5 years prior; which nobody really can answer.

But there must be some good questions, from within a month or two; where the asker maybe doesn't have the reputation to give out their own bounty.

I feel that bounties may be used for rewarding good questions, that perhaps don't have any good answers yet either (so, the query maybe can check the upvote/downvotes of existing answers ). It's not only that a question has no answers, but that even those with answers have good answers.

May we please have such query (or page that highlights these questions) ? thanks

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The following SEDE query (SEDE link) returns the top 100 unanswered, non-merged questions, ordered by their score divided by the square root of their age; this will favor high-score and new questions. You could tweak the exact weighting of those two terms to get different orderings.

SELECT TOP 100 q.Id as [Post Link], q.Score,
  DATEDIFF(DAY, q.CreationDate, GETDATE()) AS Age,
  q.Score/(SQRT(DATEDIFF(DAY, q.CreationDate, GETDATE())+1)) AS Immediacy FROM Posts q
LEFT OUTER JOIN Posts a on q.Id=a.ParentId
WHERE q.PostTypeId=1 AND a.Id IS NULL  -- Unanswered question
AND NOT q.Id IN (SELECT ph.PostId FROM PostHistory ph WHERE ph.PostHistoryTypeId=37) -- Not merged
ORDER BY q.Score/(SQRT(DATEDIFF(DAY, q.CreationDate, GETDATE())+1)) DESC

The first few questions returned look promising:

One possible modification would be to limit to questions in tags where you are active, since you'll be more likely to know how to answer those questions.

  • Thanks for the link -- I didn't realize Data Explorer was a significant term, or that this resource existed.
    – maxwellb
    Oct 23, 2015 at 22:11

I would use the "Newest" or "Active" tab of the Unanswered questions page, if "Relevance" or "Votes" happen to be the default. These tabs would avoid showing 5-year-old stale questions on the first few pages.

See also the help for advanced search options on the How do I search? page. For example:

score:10 hasaccepted:no lastactive:3m..1m created:5m closed:no wiki:no

The above would filter for questions without an accepted answer, created recently (5 months or sooner), that are "somewhat stale" (no activity in 1-3 months) but had activity (for a while ~2 months and at least 10 votes), that also are not closed or community wiki questions.

  • You could also add intags:mine that adds your favorite tags to the search. Also the + removes the score parameter from the search. If you just do score:10 it finds questions with score >= 10.
    – theB
    Oct 23, 2015 at 18:26

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