My reviews are sometimes rejected by to the Stack Overflow review-system and I get redirected to a screen that says I should pay more attention and that luckily they already took care of the apparently bad post. However I can't find any sufficiently detailed guidelines for reviewing.

There is clearly a specific way in which Stack Overflow would like us to review questions. This is not always clear to many people (as evidenced by the many posts asking about specific review-cases). I think a section in the help for reviewers would be valuable.

I could find some individual posts closely or more indirectly related to the individual review buttons: Unsalvageable Should be improved and Unsalaveable when to mark something Looks ok. A not so similar post about how to be a good reviewer is here, but is too broad and does not get to the real problem, that is "how is it possible in the first place that people are often left behind with questions about how to review a post?"

If the system rejects a review I should at least be able to find out why; only then I can really prevent this from happening again.



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