Reputation shouldn't appear under "Meta Participation" since the reputation value it shows was earned on Stack Overflow not Meta.

I understand that a user's Meta reputation is just the same as the main site's reputation. But why even include a Reputation stat under Meta Participation? I could understand if the Reputation value was calculated based on Meta.SO, then it could be useful, but it's not.

So I'd suggest removing that all together, or putting reputation underneath the Statistics column, or figure out what their actual meta.SO rep would be if it were calculated like any other site.

For an example, here is what Moshe's looks like on this page

enter image description here

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    I think that for that specific page you are correct - there is no point showing the Meta reputation. IIRC that layout pre-dates the MetaSO/MetaSE split, back then the reps between SO and MetaSO were separate so it did mean something.
    – slugster
    Apr 7, 2015 at 2:17

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When the MSO/MSE split happened most of the special-casing code was removed, but it seems that this slipped through the cracks (strictly, it's due to caching I think, but…) as slugster suggested.

The reputation entry has now been removed from that column completely, thanks for pointing that out!

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