I flagged a question as off-topic (as it asked for references, not to fix a problem), and it has been marked as helpful, but nothing seems to have changed. At worst I thought the question would be put on hold, and more than likely would be deleted - but no notice has been put on the question, and no edits have been made to it either.

The question is Preparing to Zend PHP Certification (sic).

Is this a common occurrence? It's just not what I would expect to happen to a helpful flag.

As a secondary question, but related to this; where can I find the review details for my flags? I see others have posted links to reviews they've raised the flags of before. I'm talking about a page like this. I've clicked on almost everything on my flag summary page, but I can't see the details.

  • Not sure what you're asking about WRT "review summary" - might want to spin off a separate question about that.
    – Shog9
    Oct 3, 2014 at 14:40

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Your flag was marked as helpful because someone with closing privileges agreed with it. As soon as they cast an actual close vote, your flag is marked "Helpful".

The post wasn't closed because it took 5 such votes to close a post, meaning 4 additional people with closing privileges would have needed to agree with the first voter.

(Policy has changed since the question was originally asked; it now takes only 3 such votes to close the post.)

I went ahead and closed it, as I also agree that it's a pretty poor question as it stands.

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