I'm confused by the flag status reporting for duplicate questions.

I flagged a particular question as a potential duplicate. Normally (I think) such flags would be shown as "pending" on my flag summary. But instead, this one was shown as "helpful".

However when I look at the actual question, there has been no change. Its not closed as a duplicate. So what does the lack of "pending" and presence of "helpful" mean?


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"Helpful" means that there was someone who voted to close in this case that agreed with your close reason. One single vote is all it takes to be marked as helpful; whether it's successfully closed isn't actually relevant.

As noted in this Meta SE post:

Flags to close a question will be dismissed as helpful as soon as another user votes to close it. However, if you don't have enough reputation to see close votes, it will appear as if nothing has happened until more users vote to close and the question is actually closed.


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