Trying to make SO a better place and contributing as much as possible I try to flag and edit when the opportunity arises.

When I flag questions and later look back at my helpful flags I notice that either 2 things have happened:

  1. User deleted the question
  2. SO community/moderators deleted the question

now I recently flagged this question : Could I....

8 days later the flag was helpful, but the post is still there. To get a better understanding of how SO handles flagging my question is:

Is there a reason to keep some kind of helpful flagged questions? Or does it have to do with the kind of flag?

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    Your flag was marked helpful 1 minute after you flagged it when a user with 3k cast a similar close vote - the question just didn't gather enough close votes to be closed (although I'm sure it will now...) Commented Apr 29, 2016 at 10:38

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Whenever you flag a question (as off-topic, or as a duplicate of another question), it ends up in the Close Vote review queue. At the moment, there are over 9000 questions waiting for review; with such a large backlog, it is not illogical that only one user got it as a review (this can be seen from the timeline). The reviewer agreed with your flag, so it was marked as helpful. But, because it takes five close votes to close a question, it wasn't closed - until you brought the meta effect upon it.

  • This gives me a basic overview of how the proces goes. Thank you and Jon Clements for the explaining.
    – izk
    Commented Apr 29, 2016 at 11:44

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