The description of the Tenacious badge reads:

Zero score accepted answers: more than 5 and 20% of total.

My translation: You have more than 5 accepted answers that have zero upvotes, and this is 20% of the total number of your accepted answers.

  1. Is my translation correct?
  2. Why is this a badge? (What's notable about it, and why should I care?)

Yes, you need at least 6 answers that are accepted and still at 0 when they are at least 10 days old. They need to make up at least 20% of all your accepted answers (over 10 days old).

The badge exists to encourage answering in less-popular tags, where you may get a lot of questions from new users that cannot yet vote.

There is a gold version of the badge too, Unsung Hero, requiring more than 10 0-score accepted answers and 25% of the total.


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