I came upon two slightly different questions, with answers that were nearly identical:

Communicating and persisting data between apps with App Groups

Save and Load Data on Today Extensions (iOS 8)

The first question was slightly more specific (OP had already figured out they needed to use app groups), and the second question gave a general problem, and the answer to that problem was using technology described in the first question.

The second question has two very similar similar answers, both are nearly identical to an answer on the first question. One answer even linked to that answer on the first question.

I wanted to flag the second question as a duplicate of the first. The first question had a variety of answers (two solutions to the problem), so I thought it was the better question.

So I changed the title of the first question slightly, so that it could better apply to the second question, and any others like it. I also modified my answer to the first question, adding a piece of information that was present in an answer to the second question.

Then I flagged it, and that flag is still somewhere in some review queue somewhere.

Did I do the right thing? Should I just have left it as two questions?

Also, more generally, if there are two similar questions with nearly identical answers, should they be modified and marked as duplicates?



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