Review completed May 9 at 14:55:
mmBs reviewed this May 9 at 14:55: Recommend Deletion
Stijn reviewed this May 9 at 14:55: Recommend Deletion
PaulG reviewed this May 9 at 14:52: Recommend Deletion
manlio reviewed this May 9 at 14:51: Recommend Deletion
theghostofc reviewed this May 9 at 14:50: Recommend Deletion
Kendrick reviewed this May 9 at 14:49: Looks Good
Michal Szyndel reviewed this May 9 at 14:47: Recommend Deletion

Why was the post not deleted?

  • It seems like it has been removed...
    – Werner
    Jun 3, 2014 at 13:58
  • 3
    Recommend Deletion is not a Delete vote, its what's available to <20k users who do not have the delete privilege and bumps the post up in the review queue for those who do. That said I though that 6 Recommends would cause a deletion.
    – Alex K.
    Jun 3, 2014 at 13:59
  • 2
    @AlexK. IIRC it gets removed if the post's score is less than zero. Before the OP was able to undelete the post if it was deleted in this manner, but I'm not sure if this is still the case. Jun 3, 2014 at 14:12
  • It's been converted to a comment by a moderator.
    – kapa
    Jun 3, 2014 at 14:35

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Upvoted posts are not immediately deleted from the Low Quality Posts review queue (this post had one upvote on it at time of review). Instead, they cast a "disputed low quality review (auto): Post has a good score but received delete votes" flag upon a completed review like this.

Moderators then go back through these posts and delete as we feel necessary. In many cases upvoted non-answers can point to bad reviewers or sock puppets, so it's helpful to have another set of eyes look through these before deletion.

Also, sometimes reviewers make bad calls in the Low Quality Posts queue and vote to delete good things that don't need to be removed. This acts as a safety check for that.

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