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Added important context missing due to the revision history of the referenced post.
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Please don't shoot the messenger, what can I do better?

Three hours ago I popped into the site to check in. I was pinged about my response to Should we stop commenting altogether? I made the grave mistake of writing a light hearted answer to lift the mood. Here's my original response:

Why was my comment deleted? A common thought.
One that is often asked and answered. One we ought
to remember this one fact:
Had the comment served it's purpose as a keen didact?

So don't mourn the loss of your comments, they are ephemeral (yes we sigh).
It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong,
just that they have passed their usefulness and it's time to say goodbye.

poetry courtesy of bet wagered with Jon Clements

This discussion was triggered by a comment being deleted on a site with 16,241,430 questions (to put into perspective how overwhelming this site is). I've handled 16.5k flags since becoming mod (78 days ago) and other mods have handled more (a lot more).

The most time consuming and draining aspect is addressing meta. If we decline a flag or delete the comment, it can end up on meta.

When I post an answer, there's a 25% chance it will be downvoted (this is taken from my posts stats - many of the downvoted answers have been deleted). There's also a good chance it will be flooded with comments. Latest 33 in 90 mins

Shortly after being elected the welcoming blog happened and the goal posts on the site have been dragged far along from where they were when I was an infant mod (I was sworn in Mar 27th - blog posted 26th April). It's been a steep learning curve.

The mods don't have control over the changes in the site. We have special powers, but we have one voice, as does each person reading this. We are instructed what is expected of us as moderators and that's all we can do. We're doing our best.

I'm held accountable for my actions, and I'm glad for it. I try to stay on top of our flag queue, as it gets out of control quickly. I am also fallible. I get tired. I make mistakes. If I find myself making too many mistakes, I take a break.

Barraging some of my posts with dozens of comments and a flood of downvotes, doesn't actually help to effect change. It's just exhausting. What am I doing wrong?

We were elected by the community to handle difficult tasks and make the line calls. People are not always going to like our choices. Believe it or not, we're trying to improve the site, one flag at a time.

So I'm writing this to stimulate some discussion about how I can make my communication better on meta.

I have upvoted all the answer. They've all be helpful, so have the comments. I accepted this, as it is so simple and something that is easy to follow. That may sound strange to some people. As a literal thinker, simple step by step instructions work well for me. I'm hoping the community will see an improvement in my communication. My goal is to be helpful for our site, our community (old and new), otherwise there's no point being here.

Thank you

I want to thank everyone for their feedback. It has been helpful (answers and comments included). I'm hoping the community will see an improvement in my communication.

Please feel free to post an answer here or ping me if you have an issue with me. I'd welcome the discussion and am always hopeful that any rift or misunderstanding can be repaired.

My goal is to be helpful for our site, our community (old and new), otherwise there's no point being here. Thanks for bearing with me.