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Questions about moving Documentation examples between topics.

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Is Javamail API specific to Java-EE? [closed]

I created a topic "Send Mail with Javamail API" under the Java Language. It got approved by 4 persons. Some days later I noticed that my created topic is no longer in the Java Language. I searched for ...
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Moving examples… what just happened? [closed]

I moved some examples from Subquery (deleted by move) to Subqueries, and when I viewed the draft for Subqueries, it added "Moved from Subquery.Moved from Subquery.Moved from Subquery.Moved from ...
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Pagination links in original revision history of moved example broken [closed]

The pagination links in the original revision history of a moved example are pointing to a 404 status returning URL. See e.g. ...
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Can't move examples to an existing topic if there's a pending move waiting for the same topic (or so I think?) [closed]

I am trying to solve this, but meanwhile I decided to move all examples to a single topic. That seems to be easy pie, just click move and voila! Well, the first one went without a hitch, the second ...
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