I moved some examples from Subquery (deleted by move) to Subqueries, and when I viewed the draft for Subqueries, it added "Moved from Subquery.Moved from Subquery.Moved from Subquery.Moved from Subquery." to each of the examples I didn't move. (and shorter versions above the ones I did move.


So… what just happened here?

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  • I think I reproduced this by moving several examples and then editing the draft of the destination topic. By experimenting a little, it appears the "Moved from X." string is added once to the last example, twice to the second-to-last and so on up to the number of examples you moved. – Jon Ericson Oct 18 '16 at 17:45

I happened!

Or more specifically, I removed the code we used to render the vertical split view a few days ago, and in the process used the wrong variable when looking up the container to place the "Moved from X" notification in.

Just pushed a fix, and it will go live with the next production build.

Thanks for the report!

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