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What flags are automatically raised by the system?

I recently had a flag declined. The moderator said it was the same as an automatically-raised flag, and, therefore, I was wasting my flag and my time in flagging it again. However, I didn't know this. ...
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Case study on the ignorance or refusal to use moderation privileges

I ask this in a similar spirit as Fixing the " no sample input, no expected output" and "show us your code" problems on questions but from the point of view of users that could ...
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Can we increase the review audit ratio in Triage?

The Help & Improvement queue has some serious problems. We all know it is because reviewers in the Triage queue do not do the best job. Today I even got banned because of this. Some other related ...
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Review audit / moderation inconsistency

Recently I appear to have deserved a review ban, having failed multiple audits and, perhaps, making inappropriate decisions about posts. I take it. It's been few months that I've been granted ...
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A staging area for telling new users how they can make their questions better

When looking through the Android tag, I see a lot of questions where there is an issue explained and often "please help" or something similar is written there. No stacktrace, no code, just "here is an ...
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About wrongly approved edits and long review ban

I approved an edit wrongly. But when I click to review I get this warning: You approved edits on clearly unhelpful changes. Come back on Dec 26 at 23:51 to continue reviewing. In review the ...
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Review queue percentage of failure [closed]

I have recently gotten enough rep points (500) to review queues, however, after random audits have been banned for 32 days, so, my question is, if Review queues: First posts, Late answers: No ...
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Replace "Requires Editing" button text with "Needs help"

TL;DR Let's put "Needs Help" on that button instead of "Requires Editing". In Triage, reviewers have three options: Unsalvageable, Requires Editing and Looks OK. Requires Editing means that users ...
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Why does this question "looks ok"?

I am closing in on my gold Marshal badge and therefore am a bit more aware of what happens with my flags. I know it's dubious behaviour, maybe even close to badge hunting, but I'm not flagging things ...
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Is UI/UX design content appropriate for the documentation section? [closed]

E.g. Google's Material Design.
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