I work for Couchbase, and we'd like the tag to be renamed , please. The "N1QL" brand name is being phased out in favor of the more meaningful/standard name of "SQL++".

It's not completely rebranded in all our assets yet, and there's a lot of work to do on our side, but as a major indicator, you can see that our documentation now says "SQL++ Language Reference" instead of "N1QL Language Reference".

I'm not sure how it all works on the Stack Overflow side, but if a rename also retags existing questions tagged with , that works fine.

Will people trying to type find ? Is there any sort of "transition" labeling (like "sql++ (previously n1ql)" that will be shown temporarily?

Also: once the change happens, I can rewrite the info text for the tag (which is sorely in need of an update anyway).

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    A retag request is correct if the desired end result is actually renaming the existing tag (creating a synonym from the old tag to the new tag can also be done at the same time).
    – Henry Ecker Mod
    May 23 at 20:55
  • There is a special syntax for formatting tags, please, use it as it gets them highlighted and linked to questions tagged with them when the post is rendered. The syntax is: [tag:name] for tags on the main site and [meta-tag:name] for tags on the site's child Meta. See the formatting FAQ for more info. May 24 at 7:58
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    Perhaps a synonym is better? Renaming it does not mean the old name immediately disappears from everyone's brain and developers can be a little... stubborn when it comes to letting go of labels that are practically embedded in their brain.
    – Gimby
    May 24 at 13:17
  • I think a rename and a (temporary?) synonym together would be good May 24 at 20:23
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    When renaming/merging a tag, creating a synonym mapping the old tag to the new one is a simple checkbox that mods can click. In my personal experience, it's rare that we choose not to create a synonym. The only case where we wouldn't create a synonym is where we were merging/renaming a tag in order to disambiguate usage (e.g., the recent case of the [word] tag). But yeah, when making a retag request on Meta, users aren't expected to know intimately well how the mod tools work. The mods know that. They're just supposed to present a good-effort proposal with supporting evidence. Thanks! May 26 at 5:24

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I've renamed the tag to (an action which affected 689 questions), and added a synonym that will transparently remap attempts to use or search the old tag into the equivalent request on the tag.

As a stop-gap, and to avoid possibly losing information, I've essentially copied the old tag wiki over into the new tag. But it would be great if you or another subject-matter expert could improve that tag wiki. Remember that when writing tag wikis (especially excerpts), the primary goal is to describe/define how the tag should be used on Stack Overflow and only secondarily to describe what the tag is/means. This is not the place for marketing information or to extol the virtues of the technology.

  • Got it, thank you. I definitely plan to update that content soon. May 26 at 15:51

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