I've spent quite some time trying to clean up questions on both and .

Syslog is a protocol for message logging and can be used to send event logs to a server. Often I'm unsure, if I should answer a question, flag it for closure as off-topic or just redirect the user to, e.g., Server Fault or Unix & Linux SE.

I've received comments which stated that I shouldn't have answered a question and just flagged it, but I've also recently received a warning that some flags have been declined.

Maybe my judgement is just so bad that I don't know when to answer vs. when to flag a question, which has just led me to stop answering and flagging questions altogether.

Are and programming related? Is the line between "programming" (scripting a configuration?) and "not programming" (not scripting?) that thin?

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    Writing or reading from syslog in a programmatic way would be programming related, no? We've got quite questions on logging to files etc, syslog just seems like another backend. Oct 19, 2022 at 10:12
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    I wouldn't both VTC and also answer a question: if you think it should be closed then you think nobody should answer it on this site. "How do I set up syslogd" is not a programming question, even if it involves plain-text files and the same editors a programmer might use, and I might leave a comment suggesting it go on [unix.se] or [devops.se].
    – David Maze
    Oct 19, 2022 at 10:51
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    asterisk is in a similar situation. Some of its configuration can be considered programming, and of course questions about working with the code or interfacing with APIs are fine, but probably 90% of the existing questions are off-topic. If you want to get into site curation, prepare to be frustrated!
    – miken32
    Oct 23, 2022 at 15:35
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    @DavidMaze pretty sure they're not talking about flagging and answering the same questions. I edited to make that more clear.
    – miken32
    Oct 23, 2022 at 15:41

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Questions about how to programmatically log to syslog or how to programmatically receive syslog messages are programming-related and on-topic.

Questions about installation, maintenance, etc. of a syslog daemon or syslog server, performance requirements, hardware recommendations, operating system recommendations, firewall rules, etc. for a syslog server are not programming-related and thus off-topic.

Questions about configuration are … tricky. I would argue that at least Rsyslog's advanced configuration file format (previously known as RainerScript) is complex enough (it has expressions, functions, conditionals, loops, and subroutine calls) to be reasonably classified as a programming language, and Rsyslog configuration using the advanced format to be reasonably classified as programming.

However, the fact that it is technically programming and technically on-topic on Stack Overflow does not mean that SO is the best place for it. I would guess that the number of Rsyslog configuration experts on SO is much lower than, say, on Server Fault, Unix & Linux (but please note that Rsyslog also has a Windows Agent that can forward Windows Event Logs to Rsyslog), or DevOps (but only if the question actually is within a DevOps context and about a DevOps problem). But the fact that you will get better answers somewhere else doesn't make a question off-topic, it just makes it a sub-optmimal choice of site.

A sub-optimal choice of site only warrants a comment informing the asker about the superior options, not more.

Note that the Rsyslog documentation explicitly advertises ServerFault and not Stack Overflow:

See also

Help with configuring/using Rsyslog:

  • Mailing list – best route for general questions
  • GitHub: rsyslog source project – detailed questions, reporting issues that are believed to be bugs with Rsyslog
  • Stack Exchange (View, Ask) – experimental support from rsyslog community

Where the View link goes to a global network-wide filter and the Ask link specifically directs to the Ask Question form on Server Fault.


I can write my Java logs to Syslog through Log4J2. I have done this before in my professional career, and I have had to modify code to do it.

Syslog questions are on-topic for programmers.

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    Absolutely some syslog question are on-topic, like the example you give. But the fact that some questions are on topic doesn't mean they all are. See, for example, 1, 2, 3
    – miken32
    Oct 23, 2022 at 17:34

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