I had asked this question about a week ago, (which apparently, wasn't well-received, but that's another story) and had started a bounty of fifty of my Rep. After the question remained unanswered, and just kept on receiving Downvotes, I deleted the question. However, I found that after I deleted the question (which I could do only when the bounty ended), I was returned '52' Reputation ('50' from the bounty and '2' from god knows where). Was this an intended action?


Just saw a reply to a mod flag posted and it apparently is a bug:



Okay, the Rep's all over the place. When I first viewed this page, it was '1,733' (2 less than yesterday). After I refreshed the page again a few seconds later, its now '1,725'. Mods, please look into the matter

  • The section What happens if a bounty question is closed or deleted? / Why can't I vote to close or migrate a bounty question? might explain the reason, but I don't remember begging mods to do something like that – d4rk4ng31 Apr 2 at 6:00
  • 7
    If it ends up being a bug... congrats on finding it, it is not like bounties are a rarely used feature so it is kind of a special moment when you happen to be the one to find it. Too bad you didn't use your lucky moment to win the lottery ;) – Gimby Apr 2 at 12:38
  • 8
    @Gimby, I aspire to be a penetration tester. If I find a bug and not report it, then, I don't deserve to aspire to be one :) – d4rk4ng31 Apr 2 at 12:41
  • @Gimby Win the lottery as in unlimited bounties? – Ann Zen yesterday
  • 1
    @AnnZen, I guess, they meant, I could've kept quiet about it and could've got my rep back. Not the healthiest of attitudes if they meant it. – d4rk4ng31 yesterday
  • @d4rk4ng31 Ah, I see. – Ann Zen 16 hours ago

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