I had asked this question about a week ago, (which apparently, wasn't well-received, but that's another story) and had started a bounty of fifty of my Rep. After the question remained unanswered, and just kept on receiving Downvotes, I deleted the question. However, I found that after I deleted the question (which I could do only when the bounty ended), I was returned '52' Reputation ('50' from the bounty and '2' from god knows where). Was this an intended action?


Just saw a reply to a mod flag posted and it apparently is a bug:

The flag is marked as helpful and the mod response says the devs are looking into it.


Okay, the Rep's all over the place. When I first viewed this page, it was '1,733' (2 less than yesterday). After I refreshed the page again a few seconds later, its now '1,725'. Mods, please look into the matter

  • The section What happens if a bounty question is closed or deleted? / Why can't I vote to close or migrate a bounty question? might explain the reason, but I don't remember begging mods to do something like that – kesarling Apr 2 at 6:00
  • 8
    If it ends up being a bug... congrats on finding it, it is not like bounties are a rarely used feature so it is kind of a special moment when you happen to be the one to find it. Too bad you didn't use your lucky moment to win the lottery ;) – Gimby Apr 2 at 12:38
  • 13
    @Gimby, I aspire to be a penetration tester. If I find a bug and not report it, then, I don't deserve to aspire to be one :) – kesarling Apr 2 at 12:41
  • 2
    @Gimby Win the lottery as in unlimited bounties? – Ann Zen Apr 10 at 19:23
  • 3
    @AnnZen, I guess, they meant, I could've kept quiet about it and could've got my rep back. Not the healthiest of attitudes if they meant it. – kesarling Apr 11 at 4:53

We discussed this internally. We marked it because your situation is a bit of an edge case. We considered not allowing question deletion during the bounty grace period or not refunding the bounty if the question is deleted. Ultimately, we decided to keep system as currently designed unless and until we see your case becoming more of a common pattern.

  • Thanks for taking notice. Although I am confused if this was intentional design. If you look at the photo of the reply to my mod flag, it clearly states that it's unintended and a side effect. – kesarling May 28 at 7:06

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