I was looking for ways to achieve badges, and I stumbled upon the Organiser badge. The description said, "First Retag". I didn't know what a retag was, so naturally, I looked it up on meta. But the search results were about misusage of retags if a retag reject was correct, but nothing about what a retag actually was! I looked at the help center, but surprisingly, it wasn't helpful either! Can someone please tell me what a retag is? Any help is appreciated.

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To "retag" is to add, remove, and/or change the tag(s) on a question.

It's as simple as that.

Retagging is one of the actions that can be taken while submitting an edit to a question. Other actions include changing the title (re-titling?), editing the body, etc. Anyone can submit edits, including anonymous users, so anyone can retag a question and earn the badge, assuming that their edits are approved.

If you look at the users who have recently earned the Organizer badge, you're linked to the question that earned them the badge. Looking at the revision history will show you what edits they made. frederic recently earned the Organizer badge by adding a tag to this question, without making any other changes. altz3r0 recently earned the Organizer badge by adding a tag and making other edits to another question. Any modifications to the tags would count for earning the badge.

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    editing the body -> re-bodying
    – rene
    Jan 9, 2021 at 8:58

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