The Stack Overflow app appears to have broken on iOS 14 - is there a plan to fix this?

(Perhaps the elephant in the room is that there is some reason this app is no longer supported, but this is not documented?)


From the canonical CW answer on MSE:

We are not providing any further support for the mobile apps. There will not be any more builds made for either the Android or the iOS app (even for breaking bugs). We encourage all mobile users to use the responsive website. We hope to continue to incrementally improve the user experience for mobile users.

And that reflects the comments on the question from Martijn as well:

I fear there won't be a plan, because the app is no longer supported. That said, sometimes a fix is simple enough, like renewing a certificate somewhere, and we get to use the app a little longer. But it'll never be more than a stopgap measure.

No plan, no future, no 6 to 8 weeks.

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