The actions-builder tag was created roughly two weeks ago. Since that time, it has gotten a small smattering of questions and answers, some of which have been accepted.

Top users of actions-builder

I would like to track my progress for this for my next tag badge, but selecting the gear icon to choose this...

Next tag badge gear icon

and filtering with "actions" doesn't show the badge as an option to pick.

Tag badge picker, filtering on "actions"

Does there need to be more activity for a tag badge to be available? If so, what is this level (or where is it documented)?


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It's documented here that tags require 100 questions before badges can be awarded for them.

If enough votes are earned in a tag with 100+ total questions, the badge will be automatically created and awarded.

To prevent confusion (since you aren't going to get a badge), you can't track such tags either.

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