I would need help to implement in Python an algorithm called DXZ. It is similar to Donald Knuth's DLX algorithm (Dancing Links) with the exception that is uses a ZDD (Zero Suppressed Decision Diagram) to perform the search.

I already have my own implementation of DLX and found a ZDD implemention on GitHub but I am unable to combine both. I would like to reach people that:

  • have some understanding of combinatorics
  • can make sense of the research paper (linked above)
  • are proficient in Python

Given this situation, what would the best place to ask for help ? (if StackExchange, where exactly?)

Is the Stack platform the right place to go for this kind of problem ?

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I think you need multiple questions for this. Trying to tackle it all in one question may not get you the answers you want.

The theory should be on topic on CS Theory. I would sort your questions about the paper there.

Once sorted, when you run into specific Python questions, ask those on SO. Then you can reference the theory questions as background.

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