Usually, after a few comments back and forth between two users, we get a message saying:

Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat?

..and when clicking the hyperlink, it automatically adds a comment saying:

Let us continue this discussion in chat

I just did so in the comments under this answer. It redirected me to chat but it didn't add that comment. I posted a message in the room, went back, clicked the same link again and I found my message there but still no comment.

Is this a bug or was this behavior changed at some point?

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The post author already previously clicked the link to create a chat room for the discussion, and shortly deleted that comment after.

I think both of you were shown the link around the same time but the other user clicked the link first. Users may create a chat room once per post.

Thankfully moderators can see deleted comments, so I've recreated the link to the room in a new comment.

enter image description here

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