My answer to question with 25 votes was deleted and reason was copy from Microsoft documentation.

A link was provided of source documentation for more and only the needed part was copied with small modification to meet question as was no need to rewrite it.

I cannot see my answer anymore and below was the reserved comment for it by moderator

enter image description here

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    If you link to the answer, or provide a screenshot, it would be easier to give you feedback. – yivi Mar 9 at 19:03
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    @yivi this answer to be precise: stackoverflow.com/a/54800684 – rene Mar 9 at 19:06
  • @yivi I updated the question with needed link – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 19:06
  • Also I cannot see my answer anymore – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 19:08
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    There is one other intriguing question: That answer doesn't belong to you, or at least the answer seems to be disassociated. When did that happen? – rene Mar 9 at 19:08
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    I'm confused. There is an answer you deleted yourself 6 minutes ago. The answer deleted by a moderator was given by a now deleted user? – yivi Mar 9 at 19:08
  • @rene the ansower I am asking for was deleted by anther user today, I just added a new one and delete it now – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 19:10
  • @Elastic You can always see your deleted posts if you have a link. – yivi Mar 9 at 19:10
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    I'll copy over the comments I already left on the MSE post earlier: Yes, we don't like plagiarism, at all, seriously. If you don't attribute where you quote stuff from and make it appear you wrote it yourself, posts will be deleted, no matter how many votes/views it had. And someone even tried to save it with an edit which was rolled back – rene Mar 9 at 19:10
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    But you say "my answer"? – yivi Mar 9 at 19:10
  • @yivi Its my answer and deleted a moderator – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 19:12
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    I think it is better to have Martijn sort this one out. Probably more going on then we can see. – rene Mar 9 at 19:14
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    If this answer is the answer you are talking about, then it at least seems as if it wasn't written by you (or at least not with the account you use now). – BDL Mar 9 at 19:15
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    the anon part is to remove the reputation from your account. Old answers with 6+ won't have reputation removed if they are deleted but this is a clear case of plagiarism so special action was needed to remove the reputation. (I remember flagging such answer and the same was done) – Temani Afif Mar 9 at 19:28
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    which is a Wholesale copy and paste from the linked page. like commented. Did you write something on your own? All I can see is the same sentences from that link – Temani Afif Mar 9 at 19:34

In general, providing a link to the source alone is not enough, especially not when the link text is "For more details". Copied content has to be marked explicitly in a blockquote and a proper attribution has to be given. Also note, that

This can, for example, be done in the following form

As stated in the Microsoft Documentation, Section XYZ, the following code should help:


If that doesn't help, you can also try ABC.

Providing an answer that consists solely of a quote from one source is in general a bad idea. Every answer should contain at least some original content.

Also note, that a user tried to fix the problem with your question by marking it correctly as copied content, but you rolled the edit back which left not many other options than deleting the answer.

As stated by Temani Afif:

Old answers with 6+ won't have reputation removed if they are deleted but this is a clear case of plagiarism so special action was needed to remove the reputation. (I remember flagging such answer and the same was done)

  • Moderate can update it or leave comment and I will update it with the blockquote – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 19:36
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    @ElasticCode: It was tried to update the answer but you rolled back the change. What did you expect to happen afterwards? – BDL Mar 9 at 19:37
  • It wasn't updated with blockquote as you mentioned and no comment was provided to show that – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 19:38
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    Revision with blockquote. Edit description: "Properly [...] cited this content as originating from another document" – BDL Mar 9 at 19:38
  • The edit comment was not clear for me but now its after your answer, Thanks – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 19:48
  • I updated my answers as you mentioned but the same moderate deleted it again!? – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 21:45
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    I can't emphasise this enough: Answers that are just wholesale copies are just copyright violations and just as much plagiarism. As per the help center on referencing: do not copy the complete text of external sources; instead, use their words and ideas to support your own. – Martijn Pieters Mar 9 at 21:53
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    @ElasticCode: It was still not your own, original work. Nothing in that post was written by you, a blockquote and link does not make it any less just a copy. – Martijn Pieters Mar 9 at 21:54
  • @MartijnPieters♦ it was not just copy try to check the documentation and my answer I add my own updates but inside the blockquote – ElasticCode Mar 9 at 22:06
  • @ElasticCode deepfake? You either quote the source (with attribution) or provide your own content. You don't change quote to fit your needs... – Alexei Levenkov Mar 10 at 1:50

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