The Linux Security Module landscape has increased rapidly since the kernel first utilised LSM hooks.

As this area matures, budding kernel hackers and code literate security engineers will be contributing to this area.

SE does not yet have an LSM tag, and I believe it is deserved. It takes a special collection of skills to be able to develop LSM's. Namely: c programming, knowledge of the Linux kernel and its data structures, and Security Access Control knowledge. TCP/IP networking and Unix sockets could also be added to this list.

As the LSM landscape will grow, and specific skills are necessary for this area, I believe a new tag will allow for easier aggregation, allowing posters and users to ask and find these questions more easily.

I believe my question here would be a good candidate to add this tag to, however there are numerous questions on SO that pertain to LSM development

As @Paulie_D points out


would be the best name for the tag, to avoid confusion with any other acronym


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A tag now exists, and has been added to your question.

I also created as a synonym of that tag, since that acronym is not currently ambiguous in our tagging system. Having the synonym in place will prevent it from becoming ambiguous.

I also created the initial tag wiki excerpt for the tag, but I was not familiar with this concept until a few minutes ago, so it's unlikely that I wrote the best possible tag wiki excerpt. That could use attention from a subject matter expert.

As a side note, regarding your question, I think that could do with a more descriptive title. Your current title is overly generic.

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