The tags for (192) and (500) are very similar to each other in their descriptions and usage.

gui-testing (Graphical user interface testing) is a type of software testing that focuses on graphical user interfaces. -

User interface testing is defined as to test the interface between the application and the end user. -

Can we merge these two tags together?

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    Except not every UI is specifically a GUI. Not to mention, NUI and OUI (natural and organic) will be more frequent as the technology becomes more widespread and accessible. – roberrrt-s Oct 15 '17 at 11:51

Nope, I disagree with this request. GUI != UI. I wouldn't like to go further in it, but just quote this good answer:

GUI is "graphical user interface" and UI is just "user interface." GUI is a subset of UI. UI can include non-graphical interfaces such as screen readers or command line interfaces which aren't considered GUI.

Summarising, not all UIs are graphical, some may be non-graphical.

The tags do not have the same meaning, therefore they should not be synonymized and merged.

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