Today someone uploaded a GLSL documentation entry. Unfortunately there are several versions of GLSL and they are not backward or cross compatible. A working sample written for one version will not work in the other. Core keywords have changed, requirements are different, etc...

There's at least

  • GLSL 1.20 // old-ish, desktop only
  • GLSL 3.XX // desktop only
  • GLSL 4.XX // desktop only
  • GLSL ES 1.X // phones and WebGL
  • GLSL ES 3.X // phones and WebGL2

So the problem is for both Q&A and Documentation it's fairly important the topics are well separated because they are NOT compatible. Someone unfamiliar with all the details and reading the wrong answer or docs will get lead down very mis-leading and frustrating paths.

Since I follow the and tags I thought about creating 2 new tags. and or something like that. Then writing a script to find every question with both the tags and and changing that second tag to . Similarly questions tagged with both and would have the second tag changed to . This would make the tags more explicit and less misleading. It would also mean the docs could be separated. Unfortunately I can't as easily fix all the OpenGL non-versioned questions but doing it for webgl seems like a start.

Note there is already a glsles tag but as pointed out above GLSL ES 1.0 and GLSL ES 3.0 are not compatible with each other so a single tag is arguably not enough.

Is retagging these GLSL questions something I should do or not?

  • Do all your knowledge becomes obsolete with the new version? Remember, tags are meant to be used by answerers.
    – Braiam
    Jun 27, 2017 at 18:35


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