I was at a talk yesterday where the speaker said: "Use the [h2o] tag on Stack Overflow. Be careful, we've had people use h20 (h-two-zero) by mistake and not find anything."

So, I thought I'd add "h20" as a synonym. But I get:

Failed to propose synonym:

The suggested tag must exist in the system before suggesting it as a synonym!

I.e. people are (apparently) searching on it, but no-one has used it on a question (yet). Adding [h20] on a question, just so I can add it as a synonym, feels so wrong...

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    water we supposed to do? More seriously, I think its like that under the assumption that if the (nonexistant) tag hasn't been used incorrectly yet, then it doesn't need a synonym.
    – code11
    Apr 28, 2017 at 13:07

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As long as the tag doesn't exist, you can't create it as a synonym.

Tag creation isn't done lightheartedly. There needs to be questions that would benefit from the tag in the first place. Tags can only be created when they are added to a question. There is no add a tag functionality outside of a question.

Once the tag exists it can be used for a synonym.

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