Should the C++ Derived classes and polymorphic dispatching question be migrated to Code Review?

After reading, on Software Engineering Meta, How do I recommend posting on another Stack Exchange site? I understand that I should flag the question for moderator intervention to migrate the question. But then again the question has been properly tagged for Stack Overflow.

Instead of risking "flag declined" I am trying to learn the correct way to deal with such a situation, as this is my first time for such.

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When in doubt don't migrate would be a good rule of thumb.

That particular question isn't a clear cut code review question in my opinion. Although it seems to have working code, they are asking how to apply a different structure for their derived classes. That is a programming problem that is on-topic on Stack Overflow. Questions that are on-topic don't need to be closed, let alone migrated.

Before any flagging I normally consult in the chat of the target site if the question at hand is welcome there. In the handful of attempts I think only one was indeed eligible for migration.

Migration is hard and best left to users of the target site.


This question is on-topic on both sites.

  • To be on-topic on CR, it must be complete, compile and work as intended. Which I suppose this does - I haven't tried it out. On CR it is also fine to only ask for a specific kind of review focus, such as design, performance, coding style etc.

  • To be on-topic on SO, it must be sufficiently narrow, specific and contain a MCVE, which it does too.

So there is no point of migrating it, as it is already on-topic here.

The only kind of questions that should ever be migrated to CR are complete, working code where the OP does not have a specific request, but wants general feedback regarding improvements. Such questions are off-topic on SO but on-topic at CR.

Overall, the stance Stack Exchange-wide is to migrate as little as possible, as it rarely ever ends well. Most of the time it is better to close questions as off-topic and prompt the OP to ask them on another site, after adapting the question to that site's requirements.

  • I think you got bit by the fact that this question is now about two years old, and any talk of migrating it is long since irrelevant since things older than 60 days can't be moved.
    – Makoto
    Feb 28, 2019 at 16:36
  • @Makoto Yes I didn't notice that. Now what we really need are more meta dwellers running around and editing 2 year old requests to bump them on top of the page. Very helpful and meaningful.
    – Lundin
    Mar 1, 2019 at 7:22

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