In the Getting started with Julia Language topic, I proposed a change in the discussion. There was a pretty quick consensus that the (minor) edit was a good idea, and someone submitted a change. It was rejected by 3/5 reviewers as "too specific", even though the new text was more general than what it replaced.

What is the procedure for request a re-review? Should I just resubmit the change and hope for better luck?

I think it would be useful to be able to link a Discussion in a change to avoid rejections that miss the point of the change.

Also, while it's not relevant to this case, the change was submitted by someone whose top tag is julia-lang. It seems weird to me that none of the five reviewers even have julia-lang in their tag list, and that there isn't a clear way to escalate the change to people with experience in the language.

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    Well coming here is a good start. If a gold or silver tag badge holder sees this and agrees they can insta-apply the edit instead of having it reviewed. Feb 17, 2017 at 19:44
  • If I had to guess, one or two of the last reviewers saw the previous rejections and assumed the rejection was correct. Why the first rejecter decided to do so, I don't even have a guess.
    – Kendra
    Feb 17, 2017 at 19:46
  • To more easily find silver or gold badgers (or anyone who cares about the Docs in question), y'all might consider using or making a tag-specific chat room: stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/chat-rooms By the way, you can link to a discussion, like stackoverflow.com/documentation/julia-lang/485/…
    – Frank
    Feb 17, 2017 at 19:47


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