On certain language specific tags (I'm not exactly sure what there called), I can only search with them via the "Tags" page. I believe this is a bug, or perhaps a unknown feature of some kind?

For example, early today, I was trying to find questions related to . I typed "scheme" in the search box, but the search term was not surrounded in square brackets like most language-tag searches. And there was no language info shown:

enter image description here

However, when I went to the "Tags" page. Typed in scheme in the search bar, and clicked on the scheme tag when it was found, Stack Overflow recognized the language-tag, and surrounded it in its usually square brackets.

enter image description here

Along with showing the language information:

enter image description here

Why is this? Why can I only access the scheme language tag from the Tags page, instead of directly typing it into the search box?

I tried this with a few more language specific tags such as , , and and they also produced the same results as described above.

Does Stack Overflow dislike functional languages? But in all seriousness, why does this happen, and how(if it is possible)can I use these language specific tags directly from the search bar?


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Testing tags for the described behaviour with the help of this SEDE query suggests it only happens for the top 120 tags according to the number of questions. Note that the SEDE results are slightly out-of-date; and so while the cutoff still is between and , has overtaken at some point in the recent past.

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