I might be unaware of a certain functionality here but when I am trying to add the tag named odoo to one of my questions it is replaced by openerp. Since the product has been renamed from openerp to odoo shouldn't the new tag remain rather than being replaced by the old one?

  • I had a similar problem with a question that had sql and sql-update as tags. The last one was marked as a synonym for the first one and it was automatically removed. Apr 20, 2017 at 19:49

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The tag is a synonym of , as can be seen on the tag page. Therefore, your tag is replaced when you try to add it to a question.

If you want to suggest to reverse this mapping, you can ask for that on Meta Stack Overflow - like this question, questions which pertain only to a single site in the Stack Exchange network should be asked on the site's own Meta, not here. (no longer applicable since it has migrated now)

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