With the new Developer Story tab, the space at the top is getting to crowded and the Mod tools lose out:

enter image description here

The Account Info & Mod menus, and the various status counters plus the meta-user and network account links all have been pushed down from their usual space.

When I use the dev tools to hide the developer tab (add a display: none style to that tab), things unbreak:

enter image description here

Not sure what the fix would be, but currently it is just ugly town up there.

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    Pff, show-off. "Look at all the important stuff I have". :p – Bart Oct 17 '16 at 19:23
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    @Bart: meep. Adam asked me to post a bug report :-/ I was all for keeping this to the Teachers Lounge! – Martijn Pieters Oct 17 '16 at 19:25
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    You need to get a shorter name. – Oded Oct 17 '16 at 19:30
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    @Oded: Yeah, 4 characters should be enough for anybody, right? – Martijn Pieters Oct 17 '16 at 19:30
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    Is the down vote for meh, not important, don't fix this, don't spend dev time on it? Or is it revenge ... – rene Oct 17 '16 at 19:50
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    Hmm. Just dropping "dashboard" from "Mod dashboard" might be the quick/easy win here. Except that then there's two different things on the screen that are labeled "mod". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – Adam Lear Oct 17 '16 at 20:04
  • @AdamLear What the difference between "Mod Dashboard" and "Mod"? – Oriol Oct 17 '16 at 20:21
  • @Oriol The mod link brings up the menu of actions a moderator can take, Mod Dashboard shows a summary view of moderation-related information about the user in one handy spot. – Adam Lear Oct 17 '16 at 21:52
  • Give your moderator status away. Saves you :D – m4n0 Oct 18 '16 at 6:02
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    I'm ont it, I'll suggest a design solution to the mods ASAP :) – Stéphane Oct 18 '16 at 8:09
  • What a moderator party down here. – Hatted Rooster Oct 18 '16 at 11:22
  • Can mods edit anyone’s profile & settings? – Jed Fox Oct 18 '16 at 11:56
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    @JF Yes. They need to be able to remove inappropriate content. Their access to/editing of profile data is logged for accountability. – Jeremy Oct 19 '16 at 21:01
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    @AndrasDeak It's really irritating for the first-world-ers, though. The irritation on its own should be enough to make it at least a first-and-a-half world problem. – Undo Oct 19 '16 at 23:43
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    When I read the title, I thought there was some mod who wanted to add some flashing highlight to the dev story that they were mod on SO… “Look at me! I’m a mod!” – That wasn’t the case, good on you Martijn. – poke Oct 20 '16 at 6:09

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