1. The example had 2 major contributors (one having contributed 308 and -20 chars, another 567 chars).
  2. I edited the example and was transformed into a major contributor.
  3. Wrong things happenned:
    1. A user with a single contribution of 200 chars became a major contributor (should have remained a minor contributor).
    2. I became a major contributor at the wrong date, on the date I added 335 chars (should have become after adding 39 chars just now).


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This has been fixed in the latest deploy.

Updated contributors

The root cause was that there were a couple ways* an edit could get counted multiple times. For example, user3185569's edit was getting counted 3 times; and your 335 character changes was getting counted twice.

There are some rep implications (and some other bug fixes queued for rep in general), so a recalc will be rolling through later today.

As an aside: negative character changes don't impact contributions (if you add a net of 350 characters in one change, and then remove a net of 100 in a second change you remain a major contributor). Those changes are surfaced on that page because that decision may need to be revisited, and we wanted the data to be out there.

* If you're curious: a UNION ALL in some queries, and READ UNCOMMITTED isolation level.

  • negative character changes don't impact contributions (if you add 350 characters, and then remove 100 you remain a major contributor) - Are you sure? I'm not a contributor at all here despite this change – Rob Oct 6 '16 at 3:47
  • @Rob The logic is done per-change, a net negative (removing more characters than it adds) change does not affect contributor status. I've edited to the answer to hopefully make that clearer. – Kevin Montrose Oct 6 '16 at 13:51

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