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For questions relating to the Contributors system for Documentation.

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Documentation example contributor corruption results in reputation drop [closed]

Problem The contributor list for Creating and Initializing Arrays has become corrupted. Additional examples also known to be affected: Getting started with Java Language - Creating your first Java ...
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Not a major contributor to Generics. Why not? [closed]

I just made a fairly major edit to Generics—deleting an example and adding a decent amount of new content. What does the contributors page say? net contribution of 404 characters Yet somehow, I'm ...
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Calculation of major/minor contributions is broken [closed]

The example had 2 major contributors (one having contributed 308 and -20 chars, another 567 chars). I edited the example and was transformed into a major contributor. Wrong things happenned: A user ...
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Contributor breakdown bug [duplicate]

In the contributor breakdown for Creating and Initializing Arrays, I'm listed as having become a contributor for the example on September 19th, although I only had 341 characters out of the needed 350....
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