I understood what the OP was asking on this question, and I answered the question. Still, the question was put on hold, then closed.

Now, I have also edited the question and title to improve it, and I think it should be pretty clear what the OP was asking.

I understood from other posts in this meta that editing the question would get it reviewed, and hopefully re-opened. However, this doesn't seem to be happening.

What do I need to do to get his question re-opened? (Or, can the OP mark my answer, even on a closed question?)

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In general, editing is the most important thing. A fast edit can prevent the question from being closed entirely; an edit soon after closing can encourage reviewers to reopen when the question goes through review.

But if none of that helps (in this case, it appears to have taken several edits to get the question into shape), posting here is a good option. If nothing else, folks can offer further guidance as to what the question needs, or if salvage is possible.

I did some minor cleanup and reopened.

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