I want to click on the "Most Recent" tab after I perform a search where I specify a keyword and the option to work remotely. When I do so, the "Remote" option is ignored on the Most Recent tab.

To replicate my bug, perform the following steps:

  • Search for "Python" in the keywords field. Should return this link and roughly 630 jobs at the time of this post.
  • In the location box, select "Allows Remote" and click search. Should return this link with about 67 jobs at the time of this post.

At this point it is on the "Relevance" tab. Since this tab is sorted poorly and I see that there are newer jobs further down the page, I want to sort by "Most Recent".

  • Click on the "Most Recent" tab. It shows approximately 630 results (the same as it did when "Remote" wasn't selected).

The keyword utilized isn't important.

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Thanks for the bug report! There seems to have been a knot of recent bugs related to those buttons. I've completely rewritten the query-string-templating code that was to blame. Your bug, and all the bugs like it, should be fixed now.

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