I know it is not appropriate to ask for "which tool or framework to use" in SO. Unfortunately I do not know where is the place of such kind of questions?

For example:

"Is there any JavaScript framework for browser based interactive workflow drawing?"

PS: If this very question I mean ("In which StackExchange site to appropriate ask for a programming framework?") is not appropriate here, the where is the place to ask "where can I ask"


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The closest fit would be Software Recommendations.

However, before you post there I'd urge you to carefully read What is required for a question to contain “enough information”? on the site's Meta. If your question doesn't have enough detail it'll probably get closed quickly, even if it belongs on the site topically.


There is a difference between asking "Which tool to use?" (asking for opinions) and "Is there any such tool as...?" (asking for generic information).

Both are off-topic for SO though, since they are provoking opinion and are prone to spam respectively. The answer to the second question can also easily be found by using a search engine like Google.

Such topics could however be discussed in the SO chat channels if it falls within in the channel's set topic. The chat is a place where you can talk socially with other developers and ask about such things. Might help you get a developers insight on your question, rather than one generated by a search algorithm.

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