The new styling on vote counts in user profiles is really nice. I quite like it.

It looks like that style has also been applied to bounty awards in existing answers. When clicking a link from the Achievements list, it takes you to the target answer, which has a brief fading background. The new styling of a bounty award reaches the edge of the background color's boundary.

It isn't severe, but is a little visually jarring as the color fade happens. You can see the effect in action with this answer link

Here's an image of it mid-fade:

Bounty award at edge of bounding box

The other place I suspect this would occur is on deleted answers for 10k users. Obviously it's a rare edge case, affecting 10k users viewing deleted answers on which a bounty was awarded.

Thanks to TLama for locating a deleted bounty-awarded answer:

Deleted bounty awarded answer


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