This question (which has problems aside from the coursework) appeared yesterday, and it's clearly about GCSE Computing coursework. Ignoring other issues with the question, how should a coursework question be treated?

To be specific about that question (and I have done this course, and helped teach it), the specification (section 4.2.2) for the course states:

Candidates must work independently to produce their own final piece of work.

Therefore, if we answer the question, we provide a headache for the teacher, and make the student eligible for disqualification (unless he quotes the question as a research source, which is kind of stretching it). The other issue is that the coursework question is not publicly available, so SO might get into trouble for hosting "secret" information. Should we:

  • Flag as other, and explain?
  • Try to pick on something else in the post (E.G. not an mcve)?
  • Give an answer such as this?
  • Comment to remind the asker about quoting?

More samples:

Others can be found about A-level, etc. This is not the same as homework questions, as the coursework counts towards the final grade.


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You should judge the questions by their merits alone; if they are off-topic then vote to close them. If they are bad questions, vote them down.

We cannot and will not enforce third-party agreements, be they NDAs or coursework terms. See Should moderators enforce NDAs for software vendors?, but to summarize:

  • We are not party to the agreement the student is under.
  • No moderator is equipped with the tools to police third-party agreements, and if they did so, could make Stack Exchange liable for all infringements.
  • There is no way to verify any such claims, as the course work is, as you say, secret. I could go around accusing random posts of being GCSE course work and moderators would have no objective means to validate the claim.

You are free to comment on such questions, reminding the student of the terms of GCSE coursework.

The GCSE governing bodies would have to contact Stack Exchange themselves if they want to police such posts; there is a DMCA takedown procedure for copyrighted works.

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