What happens to "Should be improved" questions in the Triage queue?

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Right now, nothing because Triage is in a trial stage. But if you go over to the announcement post you can see what the plan is for this.

Help us test question triage!

In that post, there is a flow chart of the whole process and this statement from Shog9:

Behind the scenes, a "quality score" is calculated for each question based on an automated analysis of the content. Those that score well are sent immediately to the homepage; those that score poorly will now be sent to Triage. From there, they'll go to one of three places based on human input:

1. The homepage, where they can be answered
2. The close or moderator flag queue where they can be reviewed and eventually deleted
3. A new "Help and Improvement" queue where they can be edited
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    I'm looking forward to the Help and Improvement queue. What rep will be required to access it, do we know? Commented Dec 22, 2014 at 14:49

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